Sunday 16th June 2013
w/ Steve Dickie & Dale Cornish
Ryan's Bar, London. Doors 8pm, entry £3
Friday 26th April 2013
w/ Vindicatrix / Accumulator
Power Lunches, London. Doors 8pm, entry £5

Saturday 6th April 2013
w/ Sightings / Jooklo Duo
Cafe Oto, London, Doors 8pm, £810

  Tuesday 5th February 2013
Catch, E2, London, £4/£5

Saturday 10th November 2012
w/ Red Square
Modern Art Oxford, Oxford. Doors 8pm, £10/£7;jsessionid=29199968D4AD3B41F0002C3D15B631F7
Thursday 8th November 2012
Film fund raising night
 Visions Video Bar, London. Doors 8pm

Monday 5th November 2012 
The Boiler Room (live on-line television)


Friday 5th October 2012
w/ Fushitsusha / John Butcher
St. John at Hackney Church, London. Doors 7.30pm, £14
Live Review by Freq (November 2012)
Temperatures, a bass/drums duo who took your jaded been-there-heard-that correspondents by complete surprise. Put simply: they don’t sound much like anything else, rather they seem to occupy some ruptured gap between genres, and they are brilliant. Astonishing fluid polyrhythms topped off with chanted underwater vocals, locked tight in a shambolic shudder, grounded with precision bass kicks. The best new band either of us have seen in a very long while. You want comparisons? Ermm… well…free improv, non-irritating Sonic Youth stylings mixed with Lightning Bolt, the whole then being mated with lengthy tension-filled Frippertronics. Or something. Look, just go and see them, or buy their superb album.

Tuesday 4th September 2012
w/ Umez / Sobameshi & Porno
Power Lunches, London. Doors 8pm, entry £3.

Tuesday 7th August 2012
w/ Kapusta / Tall & Hugh / Scott's Hutt
Klinker Club, The Olive, London, Doors 8.30pm, £6/£3

Tuesday 19th June 2012
w/ Bolide / Dylan Nyoukis & Duncan Harrison
The Winchester, Bournemouth. Doors 8pm, £5

Monday 18th June 2012
w/ Bolide / Silvia Kastel & Ninni Morgia
Cowley Club, Brighton. Doors 8pm, donation £5.

Sunday 17th June 2012
w/ Bolide / Silvia Kastel & Ninni Morgia
Cafe Oto, London. Doors 8pm, tickets £6.

Saturday 16th June 2012
w/ Bolide / Red Square / Lost Harbours
The Old Wharf, Cropredy, Oxon. Doors 12pm, entry £10.

Review by David Murphy, Music in Oxford, June 2012

Temperatures, from London, are another highlight, pitching drums and bass against vintage electronic hums sourced form a large analogue rack that may or may not be in tip-top condition. Certainly, the electronic pulses have the wayward quality of an awkward child, and much of the fun of the set is the pull between tight rhythms and sloppy sonics. The bass especially sounds as if it could morph into a self-conscious school swot jazz funk at any moment, whereas the vocals are tiny distorted guttural fragments, the logical conclusion of Alan Vega's bargain Elvis schtick. An act that creates lots of intrigue from minimal materials.

Thursday 7th June 2012
w/ Bolide / Hobo Sonn
Star & Shadow, Newcastle, Doors 7.30pm, entry £6.

Wednesday 6th June 2012
w/ Bolide / Collider / Takahashi's Shellfish Concern
Wharf Chambers, Leeds, Doors 7.30pm, entry £4.

Wednesday 23rd May 2012
w/ Damo Suzuki
Birthdays, London. Doors 7pm, entry £5/£7.
Tuesday 15th May 2012
w/ Wilkinson/Noble/Edwards / Nematodes
Power Lunches, London. Doors 8pm, entry £5.
Thursday 3rd May 2012
w/ Galaxians / Chips for the Poor
Power Lunches, London. Doors 8pm, entry £4.

Tuesday 10th April 2012
w/ Volcano the Bear / Christopher Sharkey
Brudenell Social Club, Leeds. Doors 7.30pm, tickets £5.50.
Saturday 24th March 2012
w/ Capitol K
Servant Jazz Quarters, London, Doors 8pm, entry £3/£5.
Friday 3rd February 2012
w/ D M & P
Cafe Oto, London, Doors 8pm, tickets £6

Saturday 21st January 2012 
Live performance on Hello Goodbye Show, Resonance FM, London.

Thursday 19th January 2012 
w/ Patten
CAMP Basement, London, Doors 8pm, entry £5.